currently mixing...

a great album by Fueled By Ramen band The Front Bottoms.

new music by Joseph - the loveliest of ladies.

some new music by my current guitar hero Miyavi

a new song by the chart topping Zach Williams

aaannndd... ummm... PAUL McCARTNEY feat THE ROOTS!!!!! Yeah, I mixed a Beatle...nbd

also getting ready to release some new music of my own. Exciting stuff!!!

01.16.17First update in over 2 years!

No, I haven't been trapped under a refrigerator for the past 2 years - just neglectful...


Mixed the Christian number one "Chain Breaker" single for Zach Williams and mixed a bunch of songs for the Christian number one "American Prodigal" album for Crowder. Both are nominated for 2017 Grammy awards, bringing my total nominations thus far to five!

2 recent mixes are climbing the AAA radio charts - "Packed Powder" by Blind Pilot and "SOS (Overboard)" by Joseph.

My mix of Honors' first single "Over" reached #1 on the Spotify viral chart and is nearing 2 million plays a month after its release.

Two songs I wrote / produced with Moses Jordan will be featured in the upcoming feature film "Carrie Pilby". Two more songs that I wrote / produced with Imaginary Future and Boh Doran were recently featured in the TV shows "Younger" and "Intervention"

I'm currently working on a live album and studio EP for Japanese artist Miyavi as well as mixes for Hurray For The Riff Raff, Chicano Batman and writing / producing new material for two artists on my Big Stuff Records label, Anchor + Bell and Moses Jordan.

Speak to you in 18 months or so!



It's been a while here. figured I'd jump back in with some mix news:

J Roddy Walston single "Take It As It Comes" is climbing the Alternative charts

Cage The Elephant EP coming out soon

Mikky Ekko live performance…

Parachute Live EP…

New Metro Station EP…

New Kid Runner EP…


lots of good lemonade being made out here on the west coast

produced an mixed Basic Vacation for Capitol

mixed The Ready Set for Warner

mixed Plug In Stereo for Atlantic

mixed Tom Odell for RCA

mixed some stuff for my friend Scottie Wilbanks - John Waller, Something Positive

mixed some great new unsigned stuff - Jule Vera, The Mighty Fox, Garrett Borns


The new Parachute record I mixed debuted at #15

06.01.13Is this thing on????

The end of June brings a move West to Hollywood. Before I go...

just finished production and mix for Born Cages album on Razor & Tie

in the middle of mixing the 3rd Parachute LP for Mercury

I am mixing tracks for Basic Vacation on Capitol

I am mixing tracks for Plug In Stereo on Atlantic

I am mixing a ton of other things....

07.21.12Been a while!


did additional production / mix and played bass on the new Melissa Etheridge single "Falling Up"

mixed a couple for the brand new Soul Asylum record

mixed The Heavy single "What Makes A Good Man"

mixed some live Walk The Moon tracks for Vevo

wrote and produced a tune for a cool new band Basic Vacation

ate a really good gyro

05.23.11Songs all over the charts AND Glee!

2 records I worked on debuted real strong this week - Parachute's "Something To Believe In" and Kate Voegele's "Gravity Happens".

Also, Matthew Morrison's single (mixed by me), "Still Got Tonight" will be featured in the season finale of Glee.

04.27.11Whole lotta new music

This week I had the following released on iTunes:

Single mixes for Matthew Morrison (Glee), Kevin Hammond and Parachute.
Also the new Augustana album with four of my mixes, including singles.

AND, I just got back from a family vacation in Jamaica.

All good things.

10.14.10Neon Trees, Augustana, Ian Axel, etc


09.10.10Things I Did On My Summer Vacation

Parachute - mixed songs for the new record

Paper Tongues - did a rock radio mix of "Get Higher"

Sara Bareilles - mixed bonus material for the new album, " Kaleidascope Heart" and am starting the iTunes Live In SoHo session next week

Kevin Hammond - produced / mixed 4 songs for his A&M/Octone debut, and mixed / additional production on 3 others. Also produced / mixed a stripped version of the record.

09.02.10nevershoutnever debuts at #14 on Billboard 200

Great record. Produced by Butch Vig. Mixed by me.

05.26.10Ah, sunshine!

I've been busy finishing up production work on the New Politics for RCA, production and mixing for Kevin Hammond for A&M/Octone, and am slated to begin mixing Melee for Warner / Sire.

We The King's single with Demi Lovado that I mixed for S-Curve has been climbing at top 40 for a few weeks, and records I mixed for The Ready Set (Warner / Sire), Shoreline (Mercury) and Stereo Skyline (Columbia) are scheduled over the next few months.

05.10.10Kevin Hammond

Great singer / songwriter on A&M Octone. I'll be recording some stuff, as well as mixing some other stuff. Very excited.

04.03.10gin and tonic

mixing Stereo Skyline, Shoreline, The Americans, Soul Asylum

02.12.10Nice Booth, huh Mr. Lincoln!?!

Been some time....

Since we last spoke, I produced songs for New Politics on RCA and mixed....

Nevershoutnever! (debuted at #24 on Billboard top 200!)
Paper Tongues
Green River Ordinance
Cheap Trick
Great Big Planes
Matt Johnson
Reel By Reel

Currently mixing...
The Ready Set
Zac Clark
The Numb3rs

Coming up...
Stereo Skyline
The Damnwells
Manuel Lopez


Between watching football on TV, 5 year olds playing soccer in person, and a trip to Morocco, I have managed to squeeze in a few mixes:

We The Kings album
Nevershoutnever! album
Hollywood Undead EP and live DVD (5.1 and stereo)
Parachute Xmas EP
Athlete radio mix

Coming up:

Cheap Trick
Matt Johnson
& more!!!

06.24.09JK waxes about the charts, etc

The Nevershoutnever! "Summer EP" that I mixed debuted at #9 on the iTunes chart this week. I am scheduled to begin mixing the full length, produced by Butch Walker, early next month.

Parachute's "She Is Love" is at #19 and climbing on the Hot AC chart, and the album, "Losing Sleep" is doing great as well.

Elizabeth & The Catapult's "Taller Children" is buzzing like a hive - getting amazing reviews and kicking it on the singer songwriter chart.

The Monty Are I single, "Hope" is scheduled for release. Really strong album from these guys.

Oliver and I have been producing some music for The Hot And Heavy over at Mission Sound. Super songs. Gonna be big.

Other stuff that's been keeping me busy:

Jessie James
Boys Like Girls
Neon Trees

05.19.09Parachute hits the Top 40

I'm happy to say that "Losing Sleep" by Parachute came in at #38 on the Billboard 200 this week.

05.13.09Parachute #1 album on iTunes; free download...

"Losing Sleep" is a great record by this young Virginia band, for which I mixed most of the record, including the iTunes free single of the week and the current single "She Is Love".

04.17.09Mixing Monty Are I

some dope ass shit!

03.22.09Back from Texas; Nevershoutnever!; All Time Low...

SXSW was a lot of fun as usual. Saw a lot of old friends and new music - Temper Trap and We Have Band were faves.

I also got to see Christofer Drew and his Nevershoutnever! perform. I've been mixing his amazing debut LP, and it was great to see it in person, and meet Chris face to face. Very sweet and gracious.

Last week, I was in the studio with Sam Hollander and Dave Katz, recording 2 songs for the forthcoming All Time Low album. Another awesome band, and the tracks are hot.

And both the Parachute single "She Is Love" and Tim Brantley's "Damage" are gaining steam at radio. Dig it.

02.07.09Nunce in a lifetime

Mercury artist Parachute VA's single "She Is Love" goes on sale on iTunes this Tues Feb 10th. Yeah, I mixed it. My friend Kyle Kelso produced. The song is also featured on a Nivea commercial. Good shit overall.

I am currently mixing 5 tracks by UK's own The Kixx that were also produced by KK with Bass Master Jack Daley, and co-written by my boy Mike Shimshack. More good shit.

I just finished an amalgam of mixing, production and engineering on 4 tracks for Verve artist Elizabeth and The Catapult's outstanding upcoming album "Taller Children". Very good shit indeed.

Nevershoutnever's single "Happy" that I mixed certainly added to the pile of quality shit. I am looking forward mixing the rest of the album in the coming weeks.

More positive shit would be mixes for Illinois, Keli Price, Chase Mitchell, Venice Ahoy, Colin Smith and a single for The Damnwells upcoming new record.

Finally - best of luck to my friends Brady Rymer and The Little Band That Could and The Brazilian Girls, both of whom are nominated for tomorrow night's Grammy Awards.


01.06.09how much longer 'til xmas break?

Back to work. January mix sched:

Another Sparky's Flaw joint

6 tunes for Keli Price

5 songs from Chase Mitchell

5 mores jams by Clinton Van Gemert

5 additional Kixx gems

Perhaps some more work on the upcoming masterpiece by Elizabeth and The Catapult and ....

12.04.08I'll kick your ears in!!!!

Just finished mixing the Aussie group Tamarama for a Universal / Motown release. These two guy's voices blend so well together, and the tunes are so good, they mix themselves.

Am happily engaged in mixing Colin Smith of Mr. North fame's solo record. A sort of homecoming, as I worked with Colin and the boys many years ago. Beautiful recordings of a stunning vocalist, and great material.

I am also in the middle of 3 songs for UK band Venice Ahoy. Really banging. Tremendous energy and attitude. Very cool songs as well.

10.29.08Flyleaf, Clinton Van Gemert, Trainwreck Riders

Mixing, mixing, mixing!!!

10.07.08so today is my birthday...

and what does this day bring?

following my nice morning hang and presents with Rex and Rana, I'm off to the studio to continue mixing some Sparky's Flaw joints for Mercury, and finish a couple of Killers b-sides to go with their upcoming new album.

and then back home for some cake, and what I'm sure will be a very contentious debate. i'm ready for this election to be over. as long as that means Obama in the White House. now that would be a gift.

10.01.08Sara B and Sparky's Flaw

Sara Bareilles was on "Lipstick Jungle" tonight performing "Bottle It Up" mixed by yours truly. She and the band sounded great.

Today I started mixing some songs for Mercury artist Sparky's Flaw's debut album. These guys are awesome. Super catchy tunes, and killer vocals.


I had a great week with Verve artist Elizabeth & The Catapult at the venerable Mission Sound. With Oliver Straus manning the desk, the band manning the instruments, and me manning the cookies and Udon, we worked on 2 songs, "Taller Children" and "Big Mad Racket" - two White Hot Jams!!!

Last week I did a radio mix and some guitar overdubs (performed by Kyle Kelso), for Jessie Baylin's new single "See How I Run". Also on Verve, this killer song was written by Jesse Harris and has an amazing vocal by Jessie B. I really enjoyed working on it.

09.06.08Tim Brantley "Damaged" on iTunes

I mixed this first single for Tim's new album, "Goldtop Heights". It's a hot track, and an outstanding album.

Last week I finished mixing a Sara Bareilles "Live At The Fillmore" DVD in both stereo and surround. It was a lot of fun. A great show by a great band. I mixed a few acoustic songs that they performed outside on a houseboat as well. Very cool setting and performances.

I also mixed 2 Josh Hogue b-sides for "Stay Away" and a cover of Hall & Oates' "Sara Smile"

The Orion Experience's "Sugar" is featured on Perez Hilton's page, and on his Levi's playlist

08.10.08Been workin’ on my studio tan....

...working on a live DVD mix for Sara Bareilles from The Filmore in San Fransisco. It is a great show, and it's fun listening to her and her band drop it like it's hot.

...rocking a radio mix for The Whigs - "Like A Vibration". I really dig those guys. Some powerhouse shit.

... jamming some mixes for one of Atlanta's most talented young prize fighters, Kyle Dreaden.

07.21.08Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

We're running out of supplies at The Lemonade Stand. It's been busy as hell.

Recent mixes:
Sara Bareiiles, Trustfall, Dan Reed, Death In The Park

Upcoming mixes:
More Sara Bareiiles, Dreaden, The Whigs, Luke White

Drink up!

06.05.08George Stanford record, "Big Drop", in stores! And More!!!

I mixed one track, "30,000 Feet" for this record. Very cool album.

The Person L record is due in August. It really came out great.

I recently mixed the song "Damage" for Tim Brantley's upcoming record.

The new tracks I produced / mixed for The Head Set came out great! Very psyched for all to hear.

Ditto for The Orion Experience, which will be available soon.

Still mixing some tracks for the musical, Super Chix, written by the very talented Lourds.

Finished mixing a potential C-Side that I recorded nearly a year ago for the Bamboo Shoots.

Starting mixing the Death In The Park record tomorrow, Andy from Hot Rod Circuit's new joint.

04.21.08David Ford "Go To Hell" video - live in the studio

04.20.08More Maroon 5, David Ford, Showing Off To Thieves, The Orion Experience

Did some more Maroon 5 work this week - live stuff. Also, I am mixing 4 songs of UK act Showing Off To Thieves for EMI Music. They are pretty awesome - check 'em out.

The Orion Experience stuff is coming out great. Should be wrapping up this week. Look out for the new songs in the next week or so.

Lastly, the David Ford videos for which I recorded and mixed the music should be showing up on David's and Original Signal's sites shortly. They are a must-see representation of one extremely talented artist.

03.26.08Maroon 5 "Live From SoHo" - #1 album on iTunes

That’s a quick one. I mix it one week, it’s all over the internets the next.

03.25.08Maroon 5 ... more Person L ...

Last week I pulled an all-nighter mixing Maroon 5 live at the Apple SoHo store for an iTunes exclusive release. Great performance by a great band. Definitely worth a look.

This week I’m scheduled to mix another Person L joint for a split 7" with Weatherbox to be released by Doghouse Records.

I’ve also been mixing some tracks for 2 new Blackedge Music artists - Tim Brantley and Josh Hogue. The only thing they have in common (as far as I know) is they can both sing their asses off, and have outstanding songs.

On the production front, I am headed into the studio next week at Mission Sound to record 4 songs with the fun and talented Orion Experience.

Also at Mission next week, I will be attempting to capture the über-talented David Ford "live in the studio" so you sad folks that haven’t made it to one of his shows can get a look at what you are missing.

And the end of April has some more recording with The Head Set on the calendar.

Happy Easter

02.02.08Person L ...

Kenny has asked me to mix the Person L record, which I am really looking forward to getting into this week. Some seriously hot joints.

I recently finished mixing 4 songs for Wildstreet, as well as 3 tracks for Isabella, produced by my friend Nir Z.

Also spent some time with The Scarlet in the studio last week. A supremely fun and talented bunch of guys. Nanu nanu.

01.15.08Sweet Jet Lag Gemini review


12.16.07Operation Aloha / Chasing Daybreak/ Jenny O

This week I am starting mixing for a very cool project called Operation Aloha. It is a bunch of tunes that were written and recorded a couple of years ago by a group of friends from different bands (Maroon 5, Phantom Planet, Gomez, others) during a week of mellow hang at a house they rented on the beach in Hawaii. That must have sucked. The music is sweet and oozing with sticky vibe. Ian Ball from Gomez is releasing it on his label. I'm looking forward to it.

I also am happy to say that the Chasing Daybreak tracks I began recording many months ago are finally wrapping up. The band rose well above the challenges of their first real recording experience, and, thanks in large part to the help of Adrian Holtz, Oliver Straus and Mike "Bitch Bro 1" Shimshack, it is coming out great.

Lastly, but not leastly, I have been mixing a few songs for an extremely talented young artist named Jenny O. Produced by Raine Maida and Jason Lader, it sounds amazing and has really been a pleasure to work on.

11.06.07Ingrid Michaelson / Jet Lag Gemini mixes getting spins

Ingrid Michaelson's "The Way I Am", for which I did the radio mix is getting increasing spins all over the country, and the video was just added to VH-1 You Oughta Know rotation.

Jet Lag Gemini's single "Run This City", which I produced, recorded and mixed, went to radio this week as well.

10.15.07Sounds Under Radio / The Barons ...

Today and tomorrow I am doing a mix of the song "Wasteland" for Epic artist, Sounds Under Radio. Really great tune.

Beginning at the end of the week am am jumping into a full length for The Barons on Original Signal. I have been a fan of this band for a while, and am very psyched to be a part of their first LP.

I am also doing mixes for two independent artists, Greg Lato and Simon Spire.

10.09.07Jet Lag Gemini "Run This City" video wins MTVU The Freshman contest

It would seem they will be added to rotation for a while.

10.02.07Ingrid Michaelson radio mix

I just did a radio mix of Ingrid's great tune "The Way I Am".
You may have heard the album version on the Old Navy commercial. I know I have.

09.26.07George Stanford / Kelly Buchanan

Both ruled before, and both rule more now that I have mixed their tunes.
George is on Smash/Mercury. Kelly is on a whole bunch of stuff, it would seem.

Drop some google on their shit. It'll be worth your while.

09.20.07New manager

I am happy to announce my new partnership with Melissa Emert-Hutner of Hoseb Management.

07.05.07Ash's "Twilight Of The Innocents" was released in the UK this week...

...I recorded a few tunes, and recorded and mixed several B-Sides.

This week I am mixing 3 songs for Original Signal artist The Barons. Awesome stuff!!

Next week I start recording an EP for Epic artist and MTVU contest winner, Bamboo Shoots. They are a great and exciting band, and I am looking forward to getting rolling.

I also have a few more tunes with The Head Set on the horizon. "Strike Sparks" came out great.

06.26.07Jet Lag Gemini Single / Video available on itunes today!

"Run This City" video and single are ready for you to rock.

06.25.07Person L / The Head Set

Last week I was at Mission Sound in Brooklyn for a couple of projects. Person L featuring Kenny from the Starting Line and his bro Ryan Zimmaro recorded a cover of The Roots "The Seed 2.0" for an upcoming Hip Hop compilation. I'll be mixing this week.

I also cut a great tune, "Strike Sparks" with Sony / ATV artist The Head Set. I will also be mixing that this week.

In addidtion to finishing mixes of Aimee Proal for Epic, I will be trying a few mixes for Original Signal artist The Barons

06.08.07The Starting Line / Aimee Proal / Chasing Daybreak / Rana's birthday

This week I recorded and mixed 4 acoustic B-sides for The Starting Line's upcoming Capitol Records release, "Direction".

I also started mixing some songs for Boston area artist Aimee Proal for Epic.

We also did some more tracking for the Chasing Daybreak EP.

AND, most importantly, we celebrated Rana's birthday. Good times.

05.19.07Mixing Ash, JLG and Maroon 5....

Last week I banged out some B-side mixes for Ash's second single, "Polaris" from their umcoming UK album.

I also finished 2 single mixes for Jet Lag Gemini's album. The first single is "Run This City" you can hear it on JLG's myspace linked below.

Last week also had me tracking basics with Oliver Strauss at Mission Sound for Chasing Daybreak's forthcoming EP

The week before I mixed 8 Maroon 5 tunes for their Yahoo Live Sessions.

05.02.07Maroon 5 / more TED news

I recently mixed some songs for the "Wallmart Soundcheck" Maroon 5 performance, and will be doing some other live M5 stuff this week. The upcoming album is awesome.

I am also doing some radio mixes for the Jet Lag Gemini record, and mixed an album for Korean producer Kim Eusip, and artist Lee.

I am happy to announce that The English Department's "A History Of Doubt" will be released in the US on May 29th on Invisible DJ.

03.20.07Jet Lag Gemini / SXSW

I'm about halfway through their first full length that I'm producing for Doghouse. It rocks so far. Great songs and great playing. The guitar solos are particularly awesome.

I went to Austin for SXSW last week. Partied with some old friends and saw some good music, most notably The Silent Years, The Colour Revolt, Lola Ray, Monte RI and Jaime Scott.


....went to the sold out Kill The Alarm CD release show at Arlene's Grocery last night. They rocked the body that rocked the party.

....finished mixing both the Julia Bekker EP, and the Ash Rentals tribute. Both sound great.

....am recording Waking Lights on Friday at Mission Sound in Williamsburg. We are doing one amazing song called "Sharks" for Epic.

....am starting pre-production for the new Jet Lag Gemini LP for Doghouse Records. They are dope. We will be recording at Mission Sound and Ash's studio beginning next week. I'm really looking forward to it.

....need some sleep.

02.06.07The Japananese aren't the only ones who get to bask in the sonic splendor of The English Deparment

TED has signed a deal in the US with indie label Invisible DJ. "A History Of Doubt" is due for release this spring.

01.23.07We have FINALLY finished...

...the Kill The Alarm record. Many final tweaks and some serious focus by Dave McNair in his Mastering Den of Death has resulted in a pretty great sounding record. "Fire Away" will be released mid-February.

This week I am working with the boys from the Irish group Ash on some final overdubs and B-sides for their latest release on Warner UK, as well as a track for an upcoming Rentals tribute album. They were the fine fellows who took over our lease at Dumbo Studios (RIP), so it should be like going home again.

01.14.07Good Charlotte mixes, etc

I just mixed some acoustic B-sides and international singles to coincide with the release of their upcoming Sony album "Good Morning Revival".

The English Department's “A History of Doubt" will be released in Japan on January 24th on Star Mole Records. I Produced, Recorded and Mixed. It Rules.

I also recorded "Down In Flames" and mixed "The Things We Need The Most" for Wes Hutchinson's "Down In Flames" LP.


I've been busy with a lot of different things over the past couple of months.

I recently did some early mixes for Daylight / Epic artist Open Air Stereo, as well as some production work for another Daylight / Epic artist, Shut Up Stella.

On the independent front, I am nearing completion of the Kill The Alarm album I started in September. I also just completed mixes for releases by both Matt Collins and Rob Holzer.

10.10.06Staff Producer for Epic Records

I have been hired as a Staff Producer / A&R consultant for Epic Records. Although my energies will be focused here, I will continue to take on outside projects.

09.26.06Studio RF

I moved in to a new space at The Cutting Room. My good friend Dave McNair has his mastering suite next door, and Studio A down the hall is a great tracking / mixing room with an SSL 9000J.

The first recording at Studio RF was overdubs for an album I am producing for indie band Kill The Alarm.

08.15.06The Damnwells are coming

This week, a new album by The Damnwells comes out on Rounder Records. I co-produced "Air Stereo" with Wes Kidd and the band, engineered it, and mixed a few of the tracks.

Click the link to read a review in the New York Daily News:

08.08.06New Releases with my name on it

Lola Ray's "Liars" comes out today on 226/Benevolent/RED, as does "It's About Time" by Jonas Brothers on Daylight / Columbia. I produced, engineered, and mixed on both.

07.24.06I'm currently working on....

Mixing demos I produced for Virgin artist The Starting Line
Mixing an album I produced for Brooklyn band The English Department