"I once saw Jon Kaplan wrestle a bear. In the face of such an adversary, he did not rely on brute force. He did not use years of Long Island wrestling experience or his bulging biceps of the Norse Gods. Instead, I watched as he whipped out his pan pipes and performed the 'Orinoco Flow' in a monophonic flurry of skill and class. At first the bear growled loud, but soon he was lulled into the sleep of 1,000 savages.
This tale is the story of having a record produced by Jon Kaplan. There may be wrestling or horn locking, but in the end victory will be found somewhere in the calm nature of the greatest warrior this generation has EVER known.........Jon Kaplan"
-Brian Spina (Lola Ray)

"If you need your next C-side to sound almost as good as your last B-side...Kaplan is your man."
-Wes Kidd (Songwriter, Producer, Jon's Manager)

"When Jon showed up to our first pre-production rehearsal covered in his own feces, I was shocked.
'What's this guy getting at? Is it a metaphore? Did he wrap himself in s**t to show us that we can do anything we put our mind to? Is it an allegory? Is he showing us his level of commitment to the craft of record making? Does the s**t represent our music and the act of wrapping oneself in the symbolic music/s**t convey his deep understanding of our band? Showing that he's literally up to his eyes in s**t/music? Why does his s**t not stink?'
It wasn't a metaphore. It did stink. Jon Kaplan's s**t stinks real bad. But, he's a hell of a producer. He can hear a song once and know exactly what it needs, how it should be recorded, how the arrangement could be stronger. Depsite his eccentricities, you'll get way more than you bargained for with him behind the console. Just make sure he stays behind it - cos, that smell..."
-David Wallace (The English Department)

"There were so many times I thought I was really onto something in the studio, but how quick Jon is at grabbing you by the feet and slamming you back into the ground. Seriously, he is fast... like a gazelle. Don't get a big head around Jon. He'll pop it so quick. I do believe his favorite line in the studio would have to be, "You're wrong." Then after a long explanation of why, he'll give it a little more juice with his trademark, "That's just what I think." Kaplan has great ears and insists that he knows what he likes upon first listen. No second chances. But the crappy part for us artists?, he is usually right. So deal with it. Kaplan will make quick decisions and rash decisions, but in the end, trust the man... he knows how to make s**t sound great. If you want the best for your music, spend time thickening your skin...and call him."
-Garen Gueyikian (Kill The Alarm)

"That shirt makes you look fat."
-Rana Kaplan (wife, mother of our child)

"Nearly 20 years ago- I knew Jon Kaplan quite well . It was back in the van days of The Hatters. No one in the band had quite the low end as Jonny Kap. Of course, if there was a lingering smell that was unique and deep- it was always Kappy. Laying down the bass was his forte.
Fast forward to today and no one lays down the mix like Jonny- bottom end and all. No one produces a feeling of subs and depth like this man.
I love the guy."
-Bill Stein (Producer, Songwriter, member of The Hatters)